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Varför jag tycker om Jeanette Winterson

I don’t know how to answer. I know what I think, but words in the head are like voices under water. They are distorted. Hearing the words as they hit the surface is sensitive work. You will have to be a bank robber and listen and listen to the little clicks before you can open the safe.

I have a theory that every time you make an important choice, the part of you left behind continues the other life you could have had. […] There’s a chance that I’m not here at all, that all the parts of me, running along all the choices I did and didn’t make, for a moment brush against each other. That I am still an evangelist in the North, as well as the person who ran away. Perhaps for a while these two selves have become confused. I have not gone forward or back in time, but across in time, to something I might have been, playing itself out.

There is a certain seductiveness about dead things. You can ill treat, alter and recolour what’s dead. It won’t complain.

– Ur Oranges are not the only fruit.Förresten har jag gjort en ny kategori med citat. Gissa vem jag har citerat mest…

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  1. Tur att du fått tag på boken, tydligen är den en av dem som försvinner i sökningar på Amazon (om du känner till Amazon-fail-”skandalen”)Synd att vi inte sågs i påsk, men tack för hälsningarna! :)

  2. Men hon är ju så citerbar ju! Ett citat ut Sexing the Cherry sitter som min bakgrundsbild just nu.


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