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”There is never just one zombie”

Jag avslutar den här zombiesöndagen med att citera Kelly Link igen, den här gången ur novellen ”Some Zombie Contingency Plans”:

When Soap got tired of thinking about art, he thought about zombies. He worked on his zombie contingency plan. Thinking abour zombies was less tiring than thinking about art. Here’s what Soap knew about zombies:

Zombies were not about sex.

Zombies were not interested in art.

Zombies weren’t complicated. […]

Zombies didn’t discriminate. Everyone tasted equally good as far as zombies were concerned. And anyone could be a zombie. You didn’t have to be special, or good at sports, or good-looking. You didn’t have to smell good, or wear the right kind of clothes, or listen to the right kind of music. You just had to be slow.

Soap liked this about zombies.

There is never just one zombie.

3 kommentarer

  1. Johan

    Zombies were not about sex
    Hah! säger jag bara.

  2. Helena (Dark Places)

    Åh, älska Kelly Link!

  3. Jenny B Kulturdelen

    Kelly Link, hon är för bra! Jag måste leta upp den senaste boken.


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