The Liminal Library had been built to die. Carved into rock down below sea level, its air had to be parched by chemistry lest it rot the books; and if invaders struck, the library would flood. The Throne would not give up its secrets. Lanterns of iridescent jellyfish tea cast blue-green light on conrete buttresses, long chains in catenary arches, the marching monoliths of the shelves. […]

When they’d gathered the dropped mail he led her through quicklime-dessicated air to a desk occupied by what seemed to be a very patient, very still man. ”The circulation desk, my lady,” Iraji said, pointing with an open hand. ”And the presiding librarian.” A mummified corpse had been mounted to a steel ring behind the table. Hollow eye sockets stared forever into the shelves.

Ur The Monster Baru Cormorant av Seth Dickinson