Snubblade över en intressant artikel om en domare som dömer vissa till att läsa skönlitterära böcker. Det var lite fint, ändå.

On a few occasions, Willmore said he has ordered defendants to read ”Les Miserables” and write him a book report about the story. It isn’t meant as a form of punishment, but rather a tool to help people think through their lives, he says.

Och det blir bara bättre.

So, Infante is now in maximum security at the county Jail, where he sits in a jail cell 23 hours a day. However, because Willmore did not want him to do nothing but watch time go by, he ordered Infante to read as many books as he could during his incarceration.Every 10 days or so, Willmore gets a letter from Infante, who tells him about the books he has beenreading.

Men den bokälskande domaren bör nog sätta lite gränser också.